The Meowseum Project is here!

As the moon rises over the silent halls of the museum, a lone feline guardian patrols the corridors, keeping watch over the priceless works of art within. But little does the cat know, a storm is brewing within the walls of the museum as the paintings come to life in the dead of night…

A new journey begins…

Welcome to “The Meowseum Project”, a magical game where art comes to life under the watchful eyes of a brave cat.

Explore and navigate the enchanted realms hidden within the museum’s art pieces. Solve intricate puzzles and face challenging trials as you venture inside the world’s most renowned artworks. Each masterpiece uncovers a new captivating story, a fresh mystery waiting to be unraveled.

Key Features

But this game is more than an adventure; it’s a tribute to Art, history through ancient tales, and feline curiosity. The Meowseum Project offers a blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, storytelling, and cat-like agility, all wrapped in a captivating narrative.

Unique Gameplay: Delve into a mix of adventure, puzzles, and storytelling that will challenge your mind and emotions.

Captivating Story: Dive into a deep story that unfolds as you journey through the worlds, filled with twists and turns at every corner.

Cat Hero: Take on the role of a cute (customizable) and smart cat, equipped with the instincts and skills of a real feline friend.

And way more to be announced!

The project’s origins…

About a year ago, I stepped away from the sims modding community to embark on an exciting new journey as an indie game developer. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the world of game development.

And in August last year, I conceived an idea that has since evolved into an endeavor I hold close to my heart.

The Meowseum Project was born, and it will become my first ever adventure game. This idea sprung from my love for arts, mystery, adventure, and most importantly, cats! Inspired by my visit to Parisian museums and the captivating game, Stray, I decided to blend all these elements into one grand adventure.


The development process ahead.

The Meowseum Project has already been a rewarding journey, and I’m thrilled to finally share its very first images with the world. However, I want to set realistic expectations – the development process is complex and may span over several years. I’m committed to delivering a high-quality game experience, and I won’t rush it.


Support the game.

Your support, through following the development or contributing to my revamped Patreon page, is invaluable.Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

The funds raised will enhance the game’s quality and hopefully expand the team in the future.


Love, Arnie